dr. fox and the old man’s cabbage

After a bit of a hiatus to move from one home to the next, I returned to comics with an adaptation of “The Fox Physician” from Aleksandr Afanasyev’s Russian Fairy Tales. The format echoes that of Rodolphe Töpffer, one of the first documented comic strip artists. I chose a loose, quick style so that I could create and release the complete comic ongoing within a relatively small time frame (nine days). My adaptation of the story itself is, for the most part, direct; I adjusted a few words here and there for clarity, and I added the final line to help tie the tale together. The visuals, of course, are all my own.

Update: The comic is now published and available for sale!

Square MarketDr. Fox and the Old Man’s Cabbage
$3.00 + tax and shipping
8.5′ x 11′
16 pages

Buy the comic!



And for curious readers, translations:

  • овес = oats
  • масло = butter
  • счета = invoice
  • конец = The End

Published by Tyson

writer/illustrator • heartfelt fantasy adventure comics • current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU

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