2017 Projects Recap

Navigating the dark and cold of Maine winters can be a challenge. Most of the time I try to “power through” my seasonal impulse to wind down, usually with mixed results at best, and almost always resulting in a case of “the sads” along the way. But this winter I decided to work with my restful impulse, and I found that the months of shadow offered special opportunities for not just reading and enjoying other media, but reflection, and even celebration about accomplishments from the previous year.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share an overview of what I was up to creatively in 2017, in roughly chronological order. And, keep an eye out for 2018 updates; I’ve been working away on a larger project, and I look forward to sharing early products of that work in the coming months.


The Harlow Gallery invited me to design a logo for their comic book-inspired art exhibit. I took the opportunity to make a piece that honors comics’ pulp past and hint at their power to make an impact. View project››

together we

A text-image installation using print and decals and set up in downtown Gardiner, Maine. View project››

Haiku What I Can

A collection of poetry comics based on personal experiences and reflections from 2016 and 2017, about hiking, coffee, creating things, getting stuck, and more. View project››

Openings, Dances, and other Adventures

I found fun excuses to draw excited animal characters. Hover over / tap each image to link to its respective project page.

CSA II: Tender Soles Farm

A live-painted ink wash comic based on my observations and interviews with Richmond, Maine’s Tender Soles Farm, for Harlow Gallery’s CSA II project. View project››

Ellipsem Jewelry Logo

ellipsem logo 2017_100% banner long
Jewelry logo design intended to convey Ellipsem’s focus on balancing simple elegance with the infinite variances found in nature. View project››

Cheers to a healthy, happy, and successful 2018!

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writer/illustrator • heartfelt fantasy adventure comics • current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU

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