Featured items from MeCAF available online

Did you know I have an online store with my comics and prints? That way even if you miss me at shows like Maine Comic Arts Festival you can still peruse and maybe pick up something fun. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a rundown of the items I featured at this year’s MeCAF in June.

Music & adventure prints

IMG_20180526_085953Clockwise from top left: β€œFiddlemouse,” β€œFlower Knight,” β€œReady for Adventure”

These little guys are full joy and fun to have around! Click below for closer looks at each one.


Selected poetry comics prints from my collection Haiku What I Can


While the whole collection of poetry comics has been available in book form since last fall, I wanted to respond to requests to have at least some of the individual pieces available as individual prints. I enjoy the different kind of relationship that can form by experiencing work that’s hung on display versus being tucked away in a book. I think these poetry comics take on new life as standalone pieces, and I’m excited to have them available online. Click for a closer look at the five selected comics:


Thoughtful comics

IMG_20180526_090730β€œThanks for Your Commitment” (Essay) and β€œHaiku What I Can” (Poetry)

Of course, there are things you can do in book form that you simply can’t accomplish with a print.Β Thanks for Your Commitment is a mini-essay comic from the not so distant past that explores questions of audience, culture, and comics in America, whileΒ Haiku What I Can is a collection of poetry comics and my most recent book.Β You can preview each of these comics on their individual pages here at my website (see Thanks for Your Commitment and Haiku What I Can) or grab a copy on my online store.

I’ve shied away from self promo in the past, but I found from this year’s MeCAF that getting the word out about my participation leading up to and during the event genuinely helped followers to know about what was going on and plan to come say hello. Go figure! πŸ™„

At any rate, happy browsing!

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writer/illustrator β€’ heartfelt fantasy adventure comics β€’ current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU

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