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Tyson has been captivated by comics, participating in alternative education, conducting interviews, and investigating issues of community and engagement since 2012. He has been coordinating development and community events since 2009 and has taught and facilitated workshops since 2007.

His visual narrative work is fueled by philosophy, folktales, myths, and boyhood nostalgia, its intentions a balance of academic and silly. Projects include fantasy folktale adventures, comic essays exploring audience and comics culture, and illustrated interview series. His collaborative work trends toward the documentary by pairing interviews with illustrations.

Additionally, Tyson has coordinated a number of events and initiatives, including 500-teacher professional development events, local art walks, and farmers’ markets. He has led workshops and artist study groups both in-person and online, and he works with children, teens, and adults.

Ultimately, Tyson wants to share stories that interest him, bring people together, and support their self-expression through creative practice.

Tyson earned his Masters in Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. He currently lives in Gardiner, Maine.