what’s up with rabbit’s computer?

Part of my graduate work with fairy and folk tales led me to make this comic adaptation of the Masai folk tale, “Who’s in Rabbit’s House?” (for those who keep up with children’s illustrated books, you’ll notice references to the previous adaptation by Verna Aardema). The comic follows a performative format like you’d see inContinue reading “what’s up with rabbit’s computer?”

watterson, crumb, and conversations of 1

This comics essay recaps reflections I made during my graduate program about cartoonists and audience, including an unexpected connection between cartoonists I had never held in the same light. I chose a straightforward layout, partly to account for the essay format’s consistent narration, but also as an additional reference to the work of R. Crumb.Continue reading “watterson, crumb, and conversations of 1”

dr. fox and the old man’s cabbage

After a bit of a hiatus to move from one home to the next, I returned to comics with an adaptation of “The Fox Physician” from Aleksandr Afanasyev’s Russian Fairy Tales. The format echoes that of Rodolphe Töpffer, one of the first documented comic strip artists. I chose a loose, quick style so that IContinue reading “dr. fox and the old man’s cabbage”

mecaf comics have arrived!

What a surprise! Less than a week after I approved the printing jobs, my first three real-life comics are at my doorstep. And the printing came out wonderfully! Props to RA Comics Direct Online for fast, quality work. All that’s left now is to get a few display items for my table and I’ll beContinue reading “mecaf comics have arrived!”

mecaf comics covers

Feels like it’s been forever since I posted here last! Spring is such a busy, busy time. To help make up for it, here are the covers of my first three self-published comics! They’ll be available for the first time at this year’s Maine Comic Arts Festival (MeCAF) in May. They’re off at the printer’sContinue reading “mecaf comics covers”

new (remix) comic: a predicament

As part of a graduate seminar, I’ve been asked to tear apart and reconstruct work of my own with that of others. I’ve cut up one of my semi-recent comics (which followed an R. Crumb-esque format) and supplanted it with quotes from notable thinkers and writers I’m reading. I’m not sure I understand it. ButContinue reading “new (remix) comic: a predicament”