March 2021: Self-Reflection

It’s time for another studio self-reflection, as part of an ongoing effort to be more present to and open with my creative development, and encourage others to do the same. In this entry: The winter can be a long, tough stretch, but sometimes good things come of it. If you’re curious, take a look atContinue reading “March 2021: Self-Reflection”

January 2021: Self-Reflection

As a follow-up to my October check-in, and in an ongoing effort to be more open with my creative development, I’m sharing my recent studio self-reflection. Unlike the last check-in, which was constructed as a tweet storm, this one uses a more conventional paragraph-oriented format. And a note of clarification: I’ve been following a termContinue reading “January 2021: Self-Reflection”

October 2020: Check-in

In the spirit of being more open with my creative efforts (even / especially the messy process stuff), I offer my recent studio self check-in. This will be a lengthy read! ★ The pandemic has made everything harder, and it has made the good things feel less good. I spent most of March through AugustContinue reading “October 2020: Check-in”