new (remix) comic: a predicament

As part of a graduate seminar, I’ve been asked to tear apart and reconstruct work of my own with that of others. I’ve cut up one of my semi-recent comics (which followed an R. Crumb-esque format) and supplanted it with quotes from notable thinkers and writers I’m reading.

I’m not sure I understand it. But I like it. Read it here.

towards the tail of the spiral

Towards the Tail of the Spiral
Graphite + Digital, 2014

My first contribution to an ongoing collaboration with a friend of mine in Providence. He wrote a poem; then I (significantly) trimmed it down, adjusted it, and put it to comic. The title comes from the original poem, reposted below with the author’s permission.Continue reading “towards the tail of the spiral”

jeff smith sketchbook: week 7 (final)

Above: Smith: OK. I’ll Go.

And so shall I. With this piece, my Jeff Smith drawing series comes to an end. It’s been a rewarding ongoing challenge, the impact of which I think I have yet to see fully in my own work.

Drawing Smith has given me a sense of just how tight and careful a cartooning can be–especially in light of the Watterson series I did before this. It would be interesting to compare my experiences between the two a bit more.

But for now, a break and a shift of focus! I’ll work from another artist starting sometime soon. Whose work that will be is yet to be determined…

View the Jeff Smith sketchbook.