Haiku What I Can

A collection of poetry comics (haiku and slightly longer tanka, to be exact) based on personal experiences and reflections from 2016 and 2017. The work is a spiritual successor to a previous collection, Haiku for Gale. Haiku What I Can exists in large part thanks to Baxter State Park and its Visiting Artist Program. Much … Continue reading Haiku What I Can

Haiku for Gale

This short but sweet collection of haiku comics were originally sent one-by-one to a mentor who advocated for haiku as a means of creative and spiritual attunement. They're now collected into a single mini-comic with a new introduction. Purchase the comic online. Preview To read the whole collection, purchase the comic online.

Alice Reimagined

A series of illustrations derived from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in celebration of its 150-year publishing anniversary, featuring an Alice based on the original real-life girl.

I’ll Meet You in the Middle: A Life of Comics and Community

Final product for the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program at Goddard College   ABSTRACT Just as the spaces between comics panels rely on the reader's imaginative participation, so too do the spaces between entries in one cartoonist’s career. The following collection of work is arranged as just that: work from the bookshelves of an emerging visual … Continue reading I’ll Meet You in the Middle: A Life of Comics and Community