Comicommitment: An Essay Comic

Pen and ink + digital, 2015

Comicommitment (formerly “Thanks for Your Commitment”) is an essay comic from my 2015 self. In it, he tries to figure out his relationship to “the greater culture” as an aspiring comics artist, and he reflects on reclusive cartoonists, book burnings, and fine art.

I did the line work in this comic with a nib, but I rendered the inkwash entirely digitally, using an approach that I created for this project and haven’t attempted since. It was fairly time-intensive and a bit clunky, but it worked at the time. I’ve since found more intuitive ways to recreate a real-life inkwash aesthetic.

I appreciate this older comic even now as a charming little memento of some of my thoughts and feelings coming out of graduate school.

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