Street-level vinyl banner installation from a digital illustration series, 2019

Funded by the Davis Family Foundation, in coordination with Gardiner Main Street.

Gardinerscape is a series of 18 digital illustrations depicting meaningful activities, landmarks, and wildlife of Gardiner, Maine, from its historical past to present. The images have no intended presentation order, nor are they meant to convey a fixed narrative. Instead, they show a variety of moments, partly abstracted and drenched in bold colors, for the viewer to consider in any sequence.

Printed on window-sized banners, the collection of images is intended primarily for use as temporary installations throughout its hometown. The series invites viewers to think of their own stories in the context of Gardiner’s ongoing narrative, to remember what was and imagine what could be.

The mostly vacant suite of buildings in which the series was originally installed has been sold. What they become will add a new chapter to Gardiner’s future.

Additional photos from the original installation, near sunset:

Published by Tyson

writer/illustrator • heartfelt fantasy adventure comics • current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU