Haiku What I Can

Digital inkwash poetry comics, 2017

Haiku What I Can is a collection of poetry comics (“American” style haiku and slightly longer tanka) based on personal experiences and reflections from 2016 and 2017. Topics include hiking, coffee, creating things, and getting stuck. The work is a spiritual successor to a previous collection, Haiku for Gale.

Haiku What I Can exists in large part thanks to Baxter State Park and its Visiting Artist Program. Much of the comics poetry in this collection came from my time at the park as the 2016 visiting artist, as well as other outdoor adventures that happened afterward.

The physical run of Haiku What I Can is almost sold out. Read the complete work below, or consider picking up a copy for yourself.

Physical copies are in short supply

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Published by Tyson

writer/illustrator • heartfelt fantasy adventure comics • current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU