What’s Up with Rabbit’s Computer?

Pen and ink + digital comic, 2013

What’s Up with Rabbit’s Computer? is a gag-comic adaptation of the Masai fable, “Who’s in Rabbit’s House?” originally retold by Verna Aardema. Rabbit thinks it’s just another morning at home, until something goes very wrong with her laptop. Faced with a mysterious virus called The Long One, rabbit must call on Cheetah, Elephant, and maybe even her step-niece Frog for help – before she looses everything. Well, “everything.”

My intent was to create a comic that naturally follows the format you’d see in Carousel Comics – that is, where each panel has its own page, to better control the pace and allow a reader to perform the story live. For those who have read Aardema’s version of the Masai tale, you’re likely to notice some references.

This is an old project, but I still enjoy the characters and overall pacing.

The physical copy is long out of print, but the digital version lives here. You can also get the ebook version.

Physical copies are sold out

Enjoy the full comic below, or consider getting the ebook.

Published by Tyson

writer/illustrator • heartfelt fantasy adventure comics • current project: LUCKY STAR PEKKU