Vinyl installation from a digital illustration series Funded by the Davis Family Foundation, in coordination with Gardiner Main Street. Gardinerscape is a series of 18 digital illustrations depicting meaningful activities, landmarks, and wildlife of Gardiner, Maine, from its historical past to present. The images have no intended presentation order, nor are they meant to conveyContinue reading “Gardinerscape”

Contradance Posters

On numerous occasions, organizers from DownEast Friends of the Folk Arts have invited me to design poster for their annual “FUNraiser” dances. I enjoy the unique ways that poster design invites playing with image, text, and negative space to lead the eye for transmitting information. And of course, who doesn’t like dancing animals?

together we

Mixed media installation; Gardiner, Maine; March–August, 2017

Reid and Sean’s Wedding

Ink, digital; 2016
Invitation and save-the-date illustration and design work for the wedding of some close friends.

Lucky Fox

I was fortunate enough in 2014 to get acquainted with Portland, Maine-based print studio Pickwick Independent Press, and the result was some gorgeous prints.