wattersmith part 3: comparing watterson and smith

To add one more layer of reflection to my environmental recreations from Bill Watterson and Jeff Smith, I attempted a Calvin & Hobbes drawing in a Bone-like style and vice versa. This really helped bring to light the physical and psychological differences when drawing from each artist. Read on for reflections on the work.

wattersmith part 2: reflections on drawing jeff smith

Next in my reflections on drawing environments in the working style of some of my favorite cartoonists: Jeff Smith and his classic Bone. (Read my Bill Watterson reflections in case you missed them.) JEFF SMITH, BONE Tools and Process (gleaned from an interview of Jeff Smith by Sardinian Connection) Really loose or sparse penciling, moreContinue reading “wattersmith part 2: reflections on drawing jeff smith”

jeff smith sketchbook: week 7 (final)

Above: Smith: OK. I’ll Go. And so shall I. With this piece, my Jeff Smith drawing series comes to an end. It’s been a rewarding ongoing challenge, the impact of which I think I have yet to see fully in my own work. Drawing Smith has given me a sense of just how tight andContinue reading “jeff smith sketchbook: week 7 (final)”

jeff smith sketchbook: week 1 (tonight we begin anew)

Next up in my awesome cartoonist study series: Jeff Smith, writer and artist behind comics classic Bone. Again I’ll be sticking to “set piece” drawings and doing as little pencil-prep as possible. After a short break it’s time to push my environmental inking some more! According to this interview, Smith works with a smaller brushContinue reading “jeff smith sketchbook: week 1 (tonight we begin anew)”