March 2021: Self-Reflection

It’s time for another studio self-reflection, as part of an ongoing effort to be more present to and open with my creative development, and encourage others to do the same. In this entry: The winter can be a long, tough stretch, but sometimes good things come of it. If you’re curious, take a look atContinue reading “March 2021: Self-Reflection”

January 2021: Self-Reflection

As a follow-up to my October check-in, and in an ongoing effort to be more open with my creative development, I’m sharing my recent studio self-reflection. Unlike the last check-in, which was constructed as a tweet storm, this one uses a more conventional paragraph-oriented format. And a note of clarification: I’ve been following a termContinue reading “January 2021: Self-Reflection”

October 2020: Check-in

In the spirit of being more open with my creative efforts (even / especially the messy process stuff), I offer my recent studio self check-in. This will be a lengthy read! ★ The pandemic has made everything harder, and it has made the good things feel less good. I spent most of March through AugustContinue reading “October 2020: Check-in”

Ongoing Creative Growth: Goddard’s Interdisciplinary Degree Criteria

When I was in graduate school for Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College, the close of each semester required a reflection on the program’s five degree criteria. We were to use the criteria as lenses through which to see and discuss our semester activity. When considered with adequate understanding, the criteria helped foster creative work thatContinue reading “Ongoing Creative Growth: Goddard’s Interdisciplinary Degree Criteria”

wattersmith part 3: comparing watterson and smith

To add one more layer of reflection to my environmental recreations from Bill Watterson and Jeff Smith, I attempted a Calvin & Hobbes drawing in a Bone-like style and vice versa. This really helped bring to light the physical and psychological differences when drawing from each artist. Read on for reflections on the work.